Our Drainage Services

NTC has successfully completed hundreds of different drainage projects throughout the North West of Western Australia. Our team excels at understanding your project needs and exceeding your expectations. Our Drainage Division expertly handles all manner of necessary drainage and provides the peace of mind of knowing you have the premier contracting contractor on your side.

Vee, Table, and Cut-Off Drains

Managing road drainage is crucial whether the road is for public use or a privately maintained access road. NTC Drainage Division knows the best ways to ensure drainage regardless of the situation. Our team of experts use the best practices to ensure the safety and viability of surfaces as well as those who use them.

Waterways with Rock Armouring

The use of rock as a way to strengthen and stabilise is not a new idea. However, using the latest technology and materials for armouring waterways with rock has significantly improved the results. NTC Drainage Division uses this technique when applicable. It is an environmentally sound option. Additionally, the rock will look natural and enhance the look of the setting.


Having well-constructed and erosion-proof spillways is essential. NTC Drainage Division has experience in spillway construction. To prevent flooding, a spillway needs to be built to exact specifications. Additionally, the appropriate type of spillway is an absolute necessity. Our team has the experience to create the optimal spillway for the given situation.

Floodway Culverts

Culverts are vital to roads and other infrastructure. NTC Drainage Division understands the responsibility involved in building floodway culverts. Our team uses best practices to ensure culverts we build offer enough space for managing underground sewage and rainwater. NTC also makes sure that our culverts allow water and vegetation to flow freely.

Stormwater Drainage

In some of the areas we service, problems with water runoff cause a great many difficulties, especially amongst those who share property lines. At NTC, we have years of experience working to improve stormwater drainage. No matter the size of your project, we can help prevent damage and keep your property in good condition.

Watermain Installations

NTC Drainage Division specialists are highly skilled in water main installation. Following the water main design and construction specification, we ensure the job is done right the first time. Our team also remains mindful of what must happen to protect the environment during the process.

Sewer Infrastructure

Often, the infrastructure of sewers gets little-to-no thought. However, sewer infrastructure plays an essential role in ensuring wastewater is removed properly without posing any health concerns or environmental damage to those in the area. NTC’s Drainage Division follows best practices to ensure the stability of sewer infrastructure.
About Drainage

About Us

Here at NTC, we know how important a responsive and experienced contracting firm is to a project. From project inception, our drainage contractors design the optimal drainage system for the structure and the site. We have worked on hundreds of drainage projects and continue to focus our efforts on becoming one of the most respected contracting companies in Western Australia.

Drainage Projects

SOA Ocean View Caravan Park Project

SOA Ocean View Caravan Park Upgrade

January 2021 – June 2021
NTC was awarded the second phase of the Ocean View Caravan Park Upgrade. Theses works required NTC to complete all works through Cyclone season in line with being complete for the start of the tourist Season.
OSPL G3 Levee Repair

OSPL G3 Levee Repair

May 21 – January 22
Work began to repair the failed levee wall at the Onslow Salt Mine. Work included Winning and Hauling Clay Core Material, removal of cemented salt, installation of geocomposite grid layer and drains.

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If you need a contractor able to handle drainage projects, both civil and private companies, feel free to reach out to NTC. Our experienced team takes on projects of all sizes, and we are happy to consult with you regarding your drainage needs. We have hundreds of satisfied clients across Western Australia and can also help you.