Road Construction

Our Road Construction Services

Since the 1950s, NTC has been operating in Western Australia in various capacities, including transport and road construction.  NTC is approved under the MRWA Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme.

Because roads are critical to all job sites, the NTC Road Construction Team works quickly and to exacting standards.  Our graders have mm precise GPS machine control with the latest Topcon technology, delivering high levels of accuracy. This ensures that no mobility issues will occur, and all projects will finish efficiently.

Road Formation

The NTC Road Construction Team excels at road formation. From the beginning of ideas through to the final phase of development, NTC’s team will use every tool at their disposal to ensure a top-notch result.  Our road construction team have compiled many years in the business, and they know what is necessary to get the job done efficiently, safely, and according to client specifications.

Road Construction

In road construction, there are few (if any) second chances. So, getting things precisely right the first time is essential. The NTC Construction team is used to working with high standards. They routinely exceed government standards opting to go beyond what is legally good enough and striving for their very best. NTC covers all road construction phases, so the project’s continuity is certain. No matter where you need a road, you can count on NTC to build what you need.

Shoulder Maintenance and Repairs

Even the best roads need to be correctly maintained and occasionally repaired. Weather and temperature impact how well the road holds up. Additionally, the types of vehicles and the frequency of use also can make a difference in the condition of a road.

With these ideas in mind, NTC’s road construction team is skilled in maintaining and repairing roads. They pay special attention to the shoulders of the road as there is the potential for crumbling or cracking. You can feel safe using roads built and maintained by NTC Construction.

About Road Construction

About Us

NTC Contractors is a medium-sized contracting company dedicated to developing and implementing our services within the Western Australian perimeter. We have a long-standing and solid reputation with our clients and the indigenous peoples. And our goal is to achieve the status of the most respected and efficient civil contractor in the Pilbara.

Road Construction Projects

BCI Minerals - Mardie

Mardie Miscellaneous Earthworks

March 2021 – Present
This huge earthworks package provided earthworks and general civil construction services to the huge Mardie Salt and Potash Project from the inception stage. Including foundation construction, sign installation, roadwork remediation.
BCI Minerals - Mardie
Mardie Project Gallery
Mardie Project Gallery

Mardie Miscellaneous Earthworks

Road Construction
Client: BCI Minerals
Project: Miscellaneous Earthworks
Location: Mardie Salt and Potash Project
Duration: March 2021 – Present

NTC was awarded the miscellaneous earthworks package to provide earthworks and general civil construction services to the huge Mardie Salt and Potash Project from the inception stage. The works included:

  • Vacuum Excavation of holes around services
  • Foundation Construction
  • Sign Installation
  • Roadwork Remediation

The initial works consisted of construction of heavily reinforced concrete slabs on top of 2 Santos and 1 Chevron Natural Gas Pipelines in a remote area of the site.  NTC was responsible for the risk assessment process, earthworks, excavations for the slabs, steel works and concrete installation along with final roadworks. All works were undertaken through a heavily monitored permitting process with full time on site monitoring and supervision by both a Chevron and Santos Representative.

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At NTC Contracting, we understand that passable roads are crucial to construction projects. Your equipment and workers must get to the job site. If you need roads on your job site, on public roads, or on road maintenance, feel free to contact us. Our experienced team can explain the ins and outs of your situation and help you choose the best plan to meet your needs.