Our Earthworks Services

NTC has worked on hundreds of regional projects across the decades. We are deeply connected to Pilbara, this is our home. We respect the balance of nature here and hold the indigenous people in high esteem. We are consistently improving and strengthening our presence in the area, and our scalability and flexibility allow us to work on a wide variety of earthmoving projects.

Clearing Works

The days of stripping the earth to its bare bones so a civil project can go through are no more as far as NTC is concerned. We take our obligations as stewards of the land seriously. Our strong beliefs are evident in how we go about clearing works projects. Projects are setup using GPS to create avoidance zones to prevent clearing boundary breaches.

Bulk Earthmoving

At NTC, we have extensive capabilities when it comes to bulk earthmoving. By having all the necessary equipment for bulk earthmoving, we can tackle big projects. We use our in-house drone surveying for quantity & quality control to ensure the job is done right the first time.


If your site needs rehabilitation, look no further than NTC. We have the equipment and the workforce to take charge of soil stabilization, bulk excavation, land clearing, and environmental management. Our skilled team will review your circumstance and make the changes necessary to provide what you need in a timely and cost-effective matter.

Dam Construction

Whether you need a small dam or one of extensive size, NTC has the right experience to build the dam you need. We know the best materials to make sure you get excellent results, and we use proper techniques to ensure the dam will last. Our experts can assist you in choosing the best site and creating a project plan for efficient construction. 

Detailed Foundation Earthworks

When your project needs detailed foundation earthworks, there is no room for anything less than precision. This is why working with NTC is an excellent choice for any detailed foundation earthworks. We use state of the are Intelligent GPS Excavators from Komatsu to ensure that the job is carried out with precision.
About Earthworks

About Us

NTC is proud to say our roots run deep in Western Australia. We have been devoted to the indigenous people for decades and maintained strong ties to Pilbara and its surrounding vicinity. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to being the most respected civil contractor in the area. Our scalability and flexibility allow us to work on various earthworks projects meeting the needs of clients just like you. 

Why Choose NTC

When choosing an Earthworks contractor in the Pilbara, you need a team with a long history, experience and knowledge to delivery the best possible project outcome. We are proud to part of development in the region and work closely with local communities to ensure land is respected.

Why Choose NTC for Earthworks

Our Earthworks Projects

RTIO - HV and LV Facilities

Mesa J HV and LV Facilities

April 21 – November 21
This bulk and detailed earthworks project for the HV and LV upgrades at the Rio Tinto Mesa J Iron Ore Mine. The works included, Construction of a clean water pond, detailed earthworks for all concrete footings and more.

Port of Ashburton Sand Bypassing

September 21 – November 21
The scope of work required planning around low tides in order to achieve the best results. In total the project was to bypass 80,000m3 of sand built up between the breakwater.
OSPL G3 Levee Repair

OSPL G3 Levee Repair

May 21 – January 22
Work began to repair the failed levee wall at the Onslow Salt Mine. Work included Winning and Hauling Clay Core Material, removal of cemented salt, installation of geocomposite grid layer and drains.
Kimberly Mineral Sands Thunderbird Project

Thunderbird Mineral Sands

April 2022 – December 2022
This earthworks project was at the remote Thunderbird project for GR Engineering. This contract was undertaking all the bulk and detailed earthworks including road works for the processing plant at the Kimberly Mineral Sands Thunderbird project.
Development WA - Dust Suppression

Dust Suppressant

February 2018 – Present
This project for development WA to provide dust suppressant to the vacant lots in the Barrarda Estate but also to develop a native seeding plan. The works included application of dust suppresant, development of seeding program and slashing and fire prevention.

Contact Us

Regardless of your earthworks project size, feel free to contact NTC. Our experts are happy to discuss the details of what you need to be done and will give you a fair assessment of your plans. If you decide to work with us, you can rest assured that our highly trained professionals will get the job done to your specifications.