General Services

Our General Services

NTC has successfully completed hundreds of different projects throughout Western Australia. As experienced contractors, we understand your project needs and can put our skills to work for you at large or small jobs in various settings.

We are licensed building and demolition contractors.

Regardless of the project, NTC focuses on getting the job done right while providing the peace of mind of knowing that comes with knowing you have the premier contractor on your side. 

Warehousing and Logistics

NTC can trace its origin to freight and logistics. Since 1950, we have been the premier company to take care of freight for the biggest names in the business. Providing warehousing services is a natural extension of logistics, and you can be sure that we have everything necessary to protect your precious cargo. NTC will also ensure that the moving of your products will be safe and on time.

Electrical Repairs

You know that the electrical work in your buildings must be up to code. The same is true for any work that is repaired. When it comes time for the inevitable repairs or upgrades to your electrical systems, you can count on NTC to have skilled and experienced team members on the job. NTC knows the requirements and responsibility that goes with electrical work. That is why only top-tier employees with all available certifications will perform work on electrical components in your buildings.

Building Installations

NTC professionals can expertly handle any professional installations you may need to make sure your buildings are fully functional and meet all Western Australian standards. Because your safety is of great importance to us, NTC employs trained and experienced workers to take care of the building installation. Whether you need plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, or alarms, NTC has what you need to stay on top of regulations and safety standards.

Plumbing Works

Not every contractor has access to skilled plumbers. We work with top-notch plumbing professionals who will tackle your most demanding jobs. All completed per your specifications on time, and within the budget you authorised. You can be confident that our plumbing team will perform at the same high level as the other NTC employees.
About General Services

About Us

The NTC story began in 1950. We were known as Northern Transport Company then. And we specialised in providing a road freight service in Onslow. We have grown and expanded into a versatile contracting company that serves Western Australia. We offer our clients our expertise in a number of areas, including bulk earthworks, civil construction, drainage projects, and road construction.  

General Services Projects

Port of Ashburton Permanent Signs

Port of Ashburton Permanent Signs

March 2022 – June 2022
NTC was awarded the manufacturing and installation of 60 signs throughout the new Port of Ashburton. All signs were cyclone rated and engineered to the highest standard.
Provision of Plants for TVI Rehabilitation

Provision of Plants for TVI Rehabilitation

March 2021 – Present
NTC was awarded the contract for the cultivation of over 120,000 native seedlings to be utilised in the rehabilitation of Thevenard Island. Workpower employs people with disability who work alongside industry professionals, while our disability employment services support people to find and maintain employment in the open labour market.
Removal of RO and WWTP Infrastructure

Removal of RO and WWTP Infrastructure

September 21 – October 21
NTC joined forces with TAMS group to jointly deliver the removal of RO and WWTP infrastructure. NTC was responsible for the land based scope and TAMS for the offshore. The core works involved the removal of 5 intake and outfall lines, with the largest being 2.3km long along with concrete slabs and other onshore infrastructure.

Wheatstone Operations Civil

January 2018 – January 2023
This 3-year maintenance contract with 2 one-year extensions was conducted at the Wheatstone LNG Plant. With a wide scope of work including civil and earthworks, surveying, traffic management and more.

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Regardless of the project, NTC has experienced teams to get your job done right, on time, and within the budget. We can complete any size job in Western Australia. If you would like to learn more or have a few questions for us, please feel free to reach out to us. We always strive to exceed your expectations.