NTC Plant Hire

Our Plant Hire Services

At NTC, we pride ourselves in our equipment selection for plant hire. We have a vast selection of trucks, excavators, water trucks, graders, rollers, and loaders. You can also hire our dozer or self-elevating motor scraper. All of our equipment is available for wet hire. Contact us for more information about the availability of equipment for dry hire.

Graders & Loaders

Grader – John Deere 872GP – (25 T, 14 ft Blade)

Grader – John Deere 770G – (22 T, 14 ft Blade)

Grader – John Deere 670GP – (25 T, 14 ft Blade)

Front End Loader – John Deere 824 (26 T, 4.6m3)

Front End Loader – Komatsu WA430-6 (18 T, 3.6m3)

Front End Loader – Komatsu WA380-6 (18 T, 3.6m3)

Front End Loader – Komatsu WA320-6 (15.3 T, 3.2m3)

Tracked Skid Steer Loaders – Terex PT50

Tracked Skid Steer Loaders – Kobota SVL75

Trucks & Vehicles

5 x Watercart – Hino 500 Series 2627 (14,000L)

3 x Semi Watercart – Shermac (30,000L)

Vacuum Excavator Truck – Ditch Witch FX65

1 Articulated Watercart – Volvo A40D (40 T, 30,000L)

3 x Body Tipper – Hino FM2628 (12T, 12m3)

4 x Articulated Dump Truck Bell B40D (40T, 22m3)

2 x Articulated Dump Truck Hitachi AH300D (30T, 16.6m3)

2 12 seat Van – Toyota Hiace

20 Light Vehicle – Toyota Hilux

Trailer Fuel tank – 1500L self-bunded tank

Trucks & Trailers

Prime-Mover w/ Single Side-tipper trailer – Kenworth T909 (18m3 (25T))

Prime-Mover w/ Double Side-tipper trailers – Kenworth T909 (36m3 (50T))

Prime-Mover w/ Triple Side-tipper trailers – Kenworth T909 (36m3 (50T))

Prime-Mover w/ Tri-Axle Low Loader – Mack Superliner (28T plus O/Load)

Prime-Mover w/ Quad-Axle Low Loader & Dolly – Mack Superliner (55T)

2 Service Truck – Hino FM2627 (7000L)

Mechanical Vehicle – Isuzu NPS 300 4×4 3T

2 Flat-deck Truck (Light delivery ) – Isuzu 3T


2 Remote Trench Compactor – Wacker RT (1.6T, Padfoot)

Smooth Drum Vibrating Roller – Wacker RD27-120AU (2.7T, Smooth drum)

Smooth Drum Vibrating Roller – Dynapac CA362D (15T, Smooth drum)

Smooth Drum Vibrating Roller – Dynapac CA5000D (16 T, Smooth Drum)

Pad Foot Vibrating Roller – Dynapac CA6000PD (19 T, Padfoot)

Pad Foot Vibrating Roller – Dynapac CA612 (21 T, Padfoot)

Smooth Drum Vibrating Roller – Dynapac CA612 (21 T, Smooth Drum)

Pnumatic Tyred Roller – Bomag BW25RH (20T, Padfoot)


Komatsu PC490-8 (49 T, 3.0m3 bkt)

2 Komatsu PC450-8 (45 T, 2.5m3 bkt) – GPS

Komatsu PC360i-11 (35 T, 1.8m3 bkt) – Intelligent GPS

Komatsu PC300LC-7 (31.5 T, 1.50m3 bkt)

Komatsu PC210LCi-10 (20T, 1.0m3 bkt) – Intelligent GPS

Komatsu PC200LC-8MO (20T, 1.0m3 bkt) – GPS

Hitachi ZX135US-3 (13.5 T, Angle-tilt bucket)

3 Yanmar Vi055-6B (5.2 T, Angle-tilt bucket)

About NTC Plant Hire

About Us

Those in the construction industry are understandably cautious when it comes to purchasing heavy equipment. Handing over thousands of dollars for equipment that is used infrequently is often a bad idea. This is especially true if you are a smaller company and do not have the budget for such purchases.

Plant hire is often the best way to gain access to the necessary equipment needed for a project without breaking the bank. Plant hire also means you do not have to worry about depreciating equipment taking up storage space. An additional benefit of plant hire is you have access to the most up-to-date equipment that has been meticulously maintained.

Why You Should Choose NTC

NTC began its operations in Western Australia in 1950. Since our early days operating as Northern Transport freight service, our company has grown here in the Northwest. Our team is versatile and capable of providing services to projects of any size.

Because we are local, we understand and respect the area and the people who call the Northwest home. While our competitors are operating remotely, we proudly leverage our knowledge to provide valuable on-the-ground resources at critical times for our clients.

NTC is a registered building contractor offering our clients a total package of skills and resources to provide projects in Civil Construction, Bulk Earthworks, Road Construction and Drainage projects.

Why You Should Choose NTC Plant Hire

Plant Hire Projects

Kimberly Mineral Sands Thunderbird Project

Thunderbird Mineral Sands

April 2022 – December 2022
This earthworks project was at the remote Thunderbird project for GR Engineering. This contract was undertaking all the bulk and detailed earthworks including road works for the processing plant at the Kimberly Mineral Sands Thunderbird project.

Wheatstone Operations Civil

January 2018 – January 2023
This 3-year maintenance contract with 2 one-year extensions was conducted at the Wheatstone LNG Plant. With a wide scope of work including civil and earthworks, surveying, traffic management and more.

Contact Us

If you need equipment for a project but do not want to make the investment in something you will not use often or again, please contact NTC Contracting. We have an extensive inventory of over 70 machines to help you get the project done. While we usually operate on a wet hire basis, we can arrange dry hire for some equipment.