Our Responsibility

NTC Responsibility

Our Standards Regarding Safety, Quality, Environment, Sustainability and Community

NTC has been a part of the North West for almost ¾ of a century. Because of our long-term commitment to the region and its people, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to do all we can to ensure that all we do brings positivity to the region.

Responsibility - Safety


There is a saying that we apply to all NTC projects and worksites. “Safety does not happen by accident.” We believe that best practice standards across all areas must guide our actions and intentions.

The well-being of our clients, our community, and our employees is paramount. We operate with a Health and Safety System that meets the Safety Act and Regulations requirements. Additionally, our safety protocols are state certified to ISO 45001.


Certiifed to ISO 9001. At NTC, we believe we are only as strong as our weakest link. In order to maintain the high standards we are known for, we implemented our Quality System. A vital part of the system is our Training Needs Analysis. Every 12 months, we identify any areas where our staff needs training. We also identify any changes in the direction of the business that would necessitate a change.

Responsibility - Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

NTC respects the environment and strives to deliver construction solutions that are cost-effective, minimise any negative impact our work may have on the area, and maximise strategies that increase sustainability. Our practical solutions include:

  • Monitoring the effects of operations on local ecosystems
  • Implement valuable measures that can reduce our impact
  • Put in place necessary erosion, noise, dust, and sediment controls wherever necessary
  • We maintain a third-party certified standard to ISO14001


Our roots in the North West run deep, and we firmly commit to maintaining excellent relationships with Indigenous groups. NTC respects the significance of the Indigenous Australian culture, and we hold it and its diversity in high esteem.

Since NTC’s beginning, we have employed and supported Indigenous people in numerous capacities in our company. To decrease the level of disadvantage among Indigenous people, we operate a training initiative.

We work with local groups, including the Thalanyji group, with whom NTC has a strong connection. The training program offers local candidates the skills necessary for employment with NTC and other local businesses. The successful program has helped create a skilled growing Indigenous workforce, and our aim is to employ a minimum of 10 per cent of local people.

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At NTC, we understand that our strength is in the relationships we build with people. We place a high value on our clients and our workers. If you have projects and need experts with years of experience to take the lead, feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your project and determine our role.