Our History

How We Started

NTC began operating in the North West in 1950. At that time, the company’s name was Northern Transport Co, and they specialised in providing a road freight service in Onslow.

The company began a long-standing contract with Onslow Salt Pty Ltd in 2001. The job was to haul salt from Onslow’s crystalliser ponds to its washing and processing plant. At the plant, the salt would be made ready to ship overseas.

NTC History Intro

In order to successfully complete this project, Northern Transport Co secured a haulage fleet comprised of seven road trains using double side-tippers to haul raw salt. The salt haul was a nine-kilometre lead that operated on a 24-hour–seven-day per-week schedule. On this job, Northern Transport Co provided more than one million tonnes of salt per year to sell abroad.

It was at this juncture that Northern Transport Co transitioned into NTC. Initially, NTC offered an earthmoving service designed to meet the needs of many of the local mining productions operating around the Pilbara-Gascoyne region.

NTC Today

NTC grew to its current level and now owns and operates a range of new earthmoving plant and equipment. These machines are supported by a modern fleet of heavy haulage trucks, trailers and road trains. Presently, NTC is a registered building contractor providing our clients a complete package of skills and resources necessary to deliver civil construction, bulk earthworks, road construction and drainage projects.

Our Relationship With the CommunityThe history of NTC would be incomplete without discussing our relationship with the Indigenous peoples of the North West. We are a local business, and our roots are in the northern region of Western Australia. While other companies fly their workers in and out of the area, a significant number of our team members call the North West home. Historically, our commitment to the Native Australian People includes training and employment. Additionally, we strive to ensure 10 per cent of our workforce is comprised of Indigenous People.

Preserving the environment is another way NTC shows respect to the Indigenous people. We are third-party certified to ISO 14001 standards. We actively address any potential issues such as noise, erosion, sediment, or excessive dust. And we monitor the impacts of our work as our goal is to work to leave every job site better than we found it.

Contact Us

At NTC, we understand that our strength is in the relationships we build with people. We place a high value on our clients and our workers. If you have projects and need experts with years of experience to take the lead, feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your project and determine our role.